Pygar Builds the World With You

It takes a lot to plan a party this big.

Meet the folks responsible for organising and running the biggest celebration of Our World on the Grid.

All of the folks you meet on the staff are volunteers, including the stage builders. Many hours, days, weeks and months are spent making sure that everyone can have a great time exploring, meeting, dancing, listening, experiencing and enjoying the diverse community of Residents and Lindens.

Can you tell from these images which infrastructure build is which?


Deeper and deeper…

We are always surrounded by the Void Sea in Our World. This has led to a certain fascination with water, and what might be found there.

SL13B scavenger water 01SL13B scavenger water 02SL13B scavenger water 03SL13B scavenger water 04SL13B scavenger water 05SL13B scavenger water 06

Bloop. 😀

SL13B: the Shared Adventure

Exploration is one of the common themes in the exhibits this year. And one of the best ways to explore Our World is via hot air balloon. It is such a nice and leisurely way to travel…everything gets plenty of time to resolve onscreen… 😉

Hope you are having fun exploring the event! With nearly 200 exhibits and art parcels to discover, it will take the whole week to find it all. Join the SLB Community Celebration group to keep up with the ongoing events!

A Guide To SL13B Events — Daniel Voyager’s Blog

On Sunday 19th June at 12pm SLT the SL13B Community Celebration officially opened and hundreds of residents packed the 17 sims. Live performances continue until the last day on Sunday 26th June. The sims will remain open until 7th July 2016. Second Life officially turns 13 years old on Thursday 23rd June 2016. If you are interested […]

via A Guide To SL13B Events — Daniel Voyager’s Blog

SL13B is open!

17 regions to explore, meet friends old and new, hunt for gifts, play with exhibits, listen to musicians, learn about other residents, or just take a pod tour and enjoy the variety of interpretations of this year’s theme: The Shared Adventure.

I’m fond of finding common themes throughout the exhibits. For this opening day, I chose some of the cutest things I’ve seen so far. Can you find these?

See you tomorrow! 😀

Bay City Marina!

Complete with its own blog. 🙂

An exciting new chapter in the history of Bay City, and its relationship with Linden Lab.

R(S)W’s patreon page

Robin does more than host the best texture tutorial on the Grid, and build cool and intricate things. She also writes! (Which, if you’ve actually read through her instruction notecards, you already knew…)


My Patreon Page has launched! Find out what all the rewards are for the various levels. Come take a look, anyway!

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Varney Garden featured in Mainland Matters!

Kinnaird featured my little garden in her blog! Yippee!

A Look Back At Bay City 8th Anniversary

Such a fun day!

Daniel Voyager's Blog

Bay City Eighth Anniversary_014_012 Route 66 looks great this year

On Sunday 15th May 2016 Bay City celebrated their 8th anniversary in Second Life and this year there was a great attendance (at least 60+ avatars) for the annual celebrations. The 8th parade was great fun this year. The parade started at the band shell stage, then it went along route 66 through the central areas of Bay City until it reached the North Channel region. There were plenty of spectators watching and cheering on this year.

Bay City Eighth Anniversary_016_011 Let’s do the conga dance!

At the end of the parade live music started in the North Channel region throughout the afternoon. Special guests Torley Linden and April Linden attended along with many well-known residents in Second Life including some of my friends. There was a conga dance and it was much longer this year. Overall the 8th anniversary has to be the best one yet in my opinion.

Bay City Eighth Anniversary_014_029 Great parade…

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