making our world

Every time the Lab decides to change the new user experience, I make a new account, or alt. I have a few of them now, as much has changed for avatars in Our World since 2006. Only a couple of them are known to more than myself, as I really prefer to use my main account for all that I do.

Well, Strawberry Singh started making a series of introduction videos for Our World, and well, … I guess I should make another alt … 😀


Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 7.09.04 AM

Anyway. It’s a pretty exciting time to be new to Our World. There are so many great tools available for anyone to create The Best New User Experience, and there will be a few more Resident-created ones cropping up in the next few months to supplement the Lab’s newbie spaces.

Helping newbies learn Our World is a challenge, but I think it can be very fun as well. After all, you were likely wandering around at some point asking things like “how do I level up?” and “will you be my friend?”

friend offer_001
heh, okay, newbie – just this once *click*

I hope there was someone nearby who was able to speed your integration by answering those, or directing you to a space with the answers. 🙂

My early experiences were partly directed by two first life friends, and a passel of others who hung around popular sites – in my case, this was the Neo-Realms fishing area at Alston – and directed me to other popular places once they found out what I was interested in. I’m from the tail end of the communitybuilding-in-sandboxes era of Our World, and I still come across some of those early contacts. It’s good to see them!

Every day (we have six day cycles every first-life day!!) is a new beginning for someone around you. Show kindness, compassion and if they really need help, help them find it if you can.

P.S. Not sure how often I’ll be dragging poor SalT out, but feel free to post on his profile. 😉