Hi all! Mari and I are going to be starting on Burn2 projects.

We’ve started researching the various art projects and thematic things that will be appearing in Black Rock City, Nevada, very soon. Our hope is to bring a bit of the first life Playa to Our World for the Grid to experience.

The Burning Man theme this year is “Da Vinci’s Workshop”. This can be interpreted in soooo many ways! I’ve seen mostly maker-community inspired things, but there have been a few other interpretations as well.

Mari is hoping to host Inner Child Camp, based on Kidsville, the Black Rock Kids‘ theme camp in first life. We have entered the Plottery, and applied for a Theme Camp on the Burn2 website. We’ll keep you posted on how that plays out.

We are also co-leading the Man Team. I have my old blueprints from the giant Man we built a couple years ago, so the big and fun part will be the Man Base. It’s called the Turning Man, and is designed to be a huge and interactive Vitruvian Man.

More on that later, though, we’ve gotta figure out how to make it work in SL!