Promotion is worth the risks. If you don’t promote it outside of your circles, how will you find new attendees, participants and fans?

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

4-poster-1 One of many poster walls at Whole Brain Health’s Cultural Hub. So many images!

by Caledonia Skytower

Part 4. Creating Visual Collateral

“Visual Collateral?  What the heck is that?”  The word “collateral” is used here as an adjective, such as “accompanying; auxiliary.” Another possible interpretation would be “additional; confirming.”

Visual collateral refers to anything visual or graphics related, that you need to promote your event or venue.  It may seem like a real fancy way to say “make a poster”, and perhaps it is.  But as your promotional strategy gains sophistication, and your reach extends beyond the immediacy of your friends list, you will find that you need more than just a single image to get the news of your event out effectively.  You need different versions of your image to fit different uses and promotional formats.  You create a core image, and then collateral!

I couldn’t be more grateful…

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