tell me a story!I’ve had this little plot of land on the western side of the Sansara continent for a long time, nearly my entire SL.

When I won it in a land auction, I already had a thought for what I wanted to put there: a garden. An avie with a legacy account was my neighbor to the east, and she had a garden there already, so I was going to install one to complement hers.

To the north was a game involving roaming bots that would shoot at you as you navigated the multi-level maze to do … something. It mostly worked still, but was pretty ancient by the time I moved in. The sensors on the bots closest to my parcel would activate if you were within 20 meters.

To the south was a large set of parcels owned by a samurai group. They had a lot of interesting terrain details, like streams and tiny hills and valleys.

Cutting in on one corner of my parcel was a hobo waystation. This was a safe spot for hobos to travel through.

Other parcels included the “Pirate Hideaway” on top of a mountain at the center of the region, an airship moored on the eastern side of that mountain next to Atlas holding up someone’s building, a really old low-price store selling prim plants and furniture (it’s still there), and Hiro Pendragon’s residence and store.


Over time, parcels changed hands, as they do on the mainland. The legacy avatar has left Varney – she gave me parts of her old parcel to square off the shape of it a bit. The samurai lands now belong to a seasonal gift shop, which houses a horse farm in the off-seasons. The game parcel is rental land, and tenants change about every three months or so. Hiro sold his land and all its stuff – thankfully it is being somewhat cared for by another old-timer resident. The hobo waystation also was given to me, as I keep my parcel open to all. The airship is gone, but the mountain has experienced the most change.

For about a year, it was a lovely forested area with art exhibits scattered about. The land went up for sale, and is now unused. (If I had the tier!!!!!) Part of that land however, became a new garden owned by an avie with a garden supply store elsewhere. She uses it as her personal space, and has built it to complement my parcel. 🙂


Another change is how gardens can look. We’ve come a long way from angled prims with full-bright photos for textures. With the advent and development of mesh content in SL, you can have realistic shapes and hand-drawn texture details for far fewer resources (especially prim count!).

This was a very full parcel in 2008:


In 2016, I still have 50 prims available…

Varney Garden 2016 spring_001

and you can’t even see half the stuff that’s there. 😀

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A Tour of the Garden in Pictures.

varney tour_001

The landing point drops you at a gate, where there is a brochure about the Garden, and a mailbox where you can leave me a message! I have a 7Seas fishing server and vendor nearby.

varney tour_002

Across the bridge is the campground. I promised the hobos that they would always find plenty of food and water at the Garden. I’ve added a tent and an outhouse too.

varney tour_003

The fairy grove – I seem to have a resident pixie. Hopefully she won’t try to eat the unicorn, he is still very small. (Can you find me in this picture?) 😀

varney tour_004

The transitional space leading to Kaie’s parcel to the east. She keeps some fun things there, and is good to talk with. She gave me the higanbana plants you’ll find over here.

varney tour_005

My office space inside the lighthouse. I put the Giant Snails kiosk in here as well. And yes, that is an NBS phone. The number for Varney Garden is (562) 449-5320.


I hope you have enjoyed my story and tour. I’m proud of my little garden on the mainland, and enjoy the history of the area I’m in. Thanks for visiting!