I don’t participate in many store events, because much of my time in Our World is spent socialising or working on Varney Garden.Varney fall 2015_001

But I did get an invite last year to join a kid avie gacha event called The Play Room. I made some little wooden dolls that fit in a lot of the dollhouses various other creators have made. They did pretty well for being such simple and small things, and especially in a kid event. There are usually not many toys, just clothing for primarily the toddler avies and poses.Dollhouse Dolls at The Playroom Gacha Event!

Well this time I decided to make funny trophies. They have plates for things like “Best Trouble-Maker” and “Best Drama Llama”, and also “Best Listener” and “Best Dancer”. I have included a display model, and then one you can hold. We were asked to provide a gift as well, so I made a silly gesture that works well with the trophies. 😀trophies key_002

The Play Room opens 5 January 2016,today header and runs until the end of the month. There are some very cool and cute things there (I liked the cupcake kitties one of the Cooljoke family did), and it’s worth checking out if you have a kid avie, or just wanna see what some kids in SL are into!