Oh hi there!

I’ve been doing more than playing with D-Lab+Lizail POPPO trains, but playing with them has been helping me get inspired for my own creations. They are very well made, between the low impact mesh and the scripting. They are also really cute and fun.

The way the pieces and trains work together does not require linking – they do have an automated alignment portion – so you can run a train on whatever track pieces you put together. This is a bit different from the way trains used to run in SL, with linking cars being required and having a guide prim to run on. (I suppose the trackways still provide that guide, but the interaction is different: no physics.)

I find this sort of thing gets my creative stuff going. “How did they do that?” “Can I do something using this idea?” “Well, now I don’t have to make a wooden train set like this…” That last one is dangerous, especially in a place like SL, where you can’t possibly know of everything in existence. So, I *could* make a wooden train set like this, if I didn’t have soooo many other ideas for fun toys! 😉

I’m actually finishing up a pretty ambitious build in the next couple weeks. The scripting in it is not something I’ve worked with before, and I’m going to be testing it a bit before I put it into my stores. I hope it’s done before the holidays.

Maybe if I play with my trains some more….