From the memorial at the Ivory Tower of Primitives in Natoma, and the neighboring region Taber, a repost of the local and shouted chat near Prokofy Neva.

Vick’s line about his parents offering teleports to Lumi if he gets lost made me cry harder after reading what Tosha had to say.

(I do wish I could’ve attended, but I had a pretty good day at work instead. 🙂 )

I only got to meet Lumi once, when he came over to the newly-opened Livingtree island. He was zooming around on a rocket scooter and passed out a UFO he had made.

Mari has managed to not let SL eat hers up (it’s no copy), but I lost mine in a sim restart somewhere.

This is almost okay, as I can build my own, thanks to the Ivory Tower and other learning places like it. But having something that another person made, and being inspired by it to make something of your own, that’s special.

The loss of Lumi is devastating. The joy of creating and learning that he brought wherever he went will persevere. Those he inspired will in turn inspire others. Like this!

I am glad that his first life family was able to meet parts of his Second Life family. Those human connections are important and necessary for Our World to continue.

Thanks Lumi!