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Wow!  SL is getting older, but better.

Although I have only been around for half of those SL years,  I find Second Life irresistibly special.  So much creativity is found wherever you go.  Our avatars come to life once we log in, Second Life offers us this special platform to build upon and add to this incredible virtual world.  Whatever your contribution is, it matters.

So far, my first day visiting SL12’s birthday event was amazing.   A bit frustrating lol, but amazing.

I accompanied a friend and made my first stop to Astound and tried out Zero Gravity, build by

Arduenn Schwartzman.

Up, Up and away

 Not only was it cool, but it was challenging for me.  It took me hours to get to Pluto. 😛  It was well worth it though, considering the time it would really take to reach Pluto, which is about 5 billion kilometers away from Earth. Lol


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