Reminds me of the only other “Bu” I found in SL, Baba Bu, who did some cool art pieces with light effects wayyy way back.

Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life)

Light Thoughts (moderate)

I made one of my favourite Second Life purchases many years ago. It looked a little like a manly-sized barbeque, with lots of buttons and dials and levers. It was a particle generator for those of us who don’t code. Many a happy hour was spent pushing, turning, and pulling to produce different cool effects.

That wonderful machine was to Light Thoughts what an earthworm is to a full-sized dragon.

Light Thoughts (moderate)

The installation on LEA15 by Mario2 Helstein is a“sim is filled with innovative lighting and mesh effects. The purpose of this sim is to be a fun place, with regular shows and events.”

You can start your adventure by sitting in a boat as it floats through a wonderland of colour and form, watching for distinct objects to appear and then be replaced by even more amazing creations. I spent a lot…

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