Our world is completely interactive, in a way that doesn’t occur in most games. We get to make ALL THE THINGS! – from the ground up. This means we get to choose how many or few features anything in our world has. The more features, the harder on the servers and viewer clients it will be, but fewer features make for a pretty dull experience.

A house, for instance, can be just a very simple structure with a couple rooms or floors. It should probably have a door, as a house represents a private space in human cultures. Past that point, we like to add interior doors, windows, gutters, wall textures, floor textures, etc. You can end up with an amazing house, that might take an age to rez when you enter it due to all the features. But the simpler one may not provide enough space for your SL lifestyle.

Plants, and trees in particular, are expected to have season changes as an option now. If you’re me, and are doing the landscaping on an island that maintains its appearance throughout the year, you leave the scripts in to change stuff. (Yay for llSleep and the timer function, without which we would have much script time lag.)

Food is another thing that may need features. We all use it in first life, and Second Life may allow you to have foods that you wouldn’t or couldn’t in your first life. One of the Arcade gacha vendors always does foodstuffs, and the best thing about them other than the varieties they make is that your avatar can eat them. There are Filipino restaurants all over the place in my first life, but I don’t visit them every day. In my SL though, I can have alll the lumpia I want.

My sister Robin is one who is interested in foodstuffs in SL. Her first life food restrictions are many, so seeing her avatar eating is somewhat therapeutic. When we are out exploring places, and there’s a food cart or a shop, we must go take a look. And she is disappointed when all you can do is look at the plate, because that’s frequently her experience in first life. If she’s able to take a piece of the pie, or a plate of the meal, or a cup of the drink, she’s much more satisfied with her experience. Some folks do it one better, you can make the food your avatar will be eating.

All of these interactive and detailed objects do add up to more processor time, but I think having the richer experiences in our world more than make up for a lil lag.

“It’s nice, but does it do anything?” 😀