Hippo Rezday Ebbe!

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Today is Ebbe Linden’s 1st rez day and what a year it has been.

He opened up the Linden Lab doors to let the Lindens back out into the world and opened up the windows for us to look inside the “Lab” a bit more.
I still think they should wear white coats and have a few flasks, bunsen burners and glass pipes filled with bubbling goo before they can call it a lab.

He himself has been running around Second Life quite a bit and has generally made a good impression amongst Second Life residents but also in the RL media.

He has been very active but in some ways he is still a bit of a noob…

His avatar isn’t that interesting, it doesn’t show all the things possible with avatars these days, I’m not sure he’s changed his hair or even clothes in months!
Then again… neither have I.
Yes, I…

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