A good read. I’ve seen some legacy folks with old old last names coming back. They are pretty confused about some of the changes since they left, but most seem able to re-integrate themselves after a fashion.

Vick Forcella

The clients of Second Life (SL) have become used to the situation that clients disappear to never come back. Islands that vanish. Land for sale. Land abandoned.

What is the state of Second Life?

Roughly 40.000 clients become active each day. About half of them are uncontrolled, they are bots and do stuff in SL and do not actively participate. They are placed near info-hubs, places where new clients gather, to spam them with messages or they are placed in water where they do off-line tasks like games and communications.

Land covers about 25.000 grids of 255×255 meters. About 1/3 of that amount is owned by an active client. The rest is abandoned or the client has vanished and has stopped paying. Linden Lab (LL), the owner of SL, does not remove islands immediately when a client vanishes.

In it’s best days SL had well over 60.000 active clients and…

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