The Forest of Kahruvel, in the region called Rodeo, has long been a place of stories told, lived and yet-to-be.

It was one of the first places I visited in SL, while I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do here. Abbotts Aerodrome, the Hearts Enchanted fishing area and Dark Dharma Avatar Central were a couple of the other places I went as a newbie. (I still have all the free goodies from DDAC cluttering my inventory!) All of these places have changed greatly since then.

When I first explored the Forest, I had a terrible graphics card and slow processor for SL. Everything was gray, or simply refused to resolve most places on the Grid. It made for no small frustration, as I had been told that these were very detailed places, lots to see. I couldn’t see most of anything. Except in the Forest.

It’s a pretty simple build, really. Default terrain, Linden trees and plants, and most of the textures are library ones, or very small (256 or less). So here I am, finally looking around at some place in SL with my poor struggling computer. And it’s amazing!

My Kid Scouts troop did our horseback riding badge here, eight years ago. I was very excited when the teleport offer came from the troop leader, because the Rodeo region was one I knew well! And if you haven’t taken a horse out on the forest paths, you may be missing something. 😉

A couple years ago though, something started happening to the Forest. It started to disappear. It was slow at first, but a major event occurred and it was nearly completely lost. The nearby village of Cowell was lost not long after.

(Loss of places in SL is a regular occurrence, but this was also one of those places that had been there for most current Residents’ memories. You can probably find many legacy avatars who will remember Cowell Village as well.)

Salazar Jack has been caring for the Forest for the longest time, exploring it and noting any and all changes and events within it. He has disappeared from our world, though strange messages can be found on his Twitter feed. The most recent ones have been more frequent. Many avies who know him or the Forest have been speculating that he may have found a way to return.

The Forest has been growing back in as well, and strange things are happening in the ravine where my Kid Scouts troop was teleported to so long ago.

The trees are apparently attempting to communicate with us. Several avies received messages from some entity named Kahruvel, and a large mossy tree creature has been spotted by some, especially where the newest growth is happening.

If you choose to investigate on your own, please let a friend or two know where you are going. Other avatars have been lost there, and it is unknown at this time whether any will be able to return to our world. We can only hope they all make it back safe.

The story of Kahruvel is still being written.