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I found a land auction for a parcel in Varney, one of the first regions on the SL Grid. When I went to look at it, I found it was next door to a garden created there by one of the legacy accounts. I thought it would be a nice thing, if I won the auction, to create an extension of that garden space.
I fought off a land bot on the auction page, sniping the parcel at the last minute. Hooray!
Most of my plants were prim (sculpted plantings were still pretty new), so I had to be a bit thrifty with my plants. I was also trying to keep the default terrain as much as possible.
Sculpted plants, and especially ground covers started being made. I used those to fill in spaces between the prim plants, and the space started to look nice and lush while using fewer prims. At some point my neighbors moved out, and an art space was built on the mountain in the center of the region. The new neighbor took inspiration for her space from mine. 🙂
More neighbor changes, and the small parcel behind mine becomes an addition (owned by another person) to my garden! She and I strike up a conversation about how this doesn’t happen often enough on mainland – that everyone seems to put up walls instead of integrating with their neighbors a bit. She owns a garden shop, and bought the parcel next to mine because of my garden!
Mesh finally arrives on the Grid, and people who make plants start experimenting. I have fun blending different types of builds together as it is, so I’m having a great time adding the few mesh plants I can find into the already-established garden while continuing to pare down the land impact.
making our world
“Py’s Lil Peaceful Plot” a.k.a Varney Garden has evolved with the types of objects we can create with. It’s been a fun project, and one I hope to be able to continue until they shut down the servers. I am slowly replacing most of the plants with mesh objects. I do keep the older plants in case I can afford more tier and expand into more of Varney.
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I am excited to see what the next few years bring with materials and more people building mesh objects!
Varney Garden in the fall, 2014.
(Part two will be coming late next week. :-D)