My first life avatar and I differ on something.

all style

I love couture and being all stylish.

mix n match!

(Never mind that I also like mixing plaids.)

First life is all about jeans and comfy shirts, and being barefoot 75% of the year.

So I do shop for clothes in SL a lot. It’s fun seeing what people come up with, and watching the season change with the first life fashion world. It does run somewhat parallel, and that is cool.

There’s also the NPIRL fashion to consider. Fantastic wearable creations that use animated GIFs or even media-on-a-prim for texture, flexible prims (can we get flexible mesh too, pleeeeez?) to create movement and make a statement, and light and glow! I know that some of this is becoming possible in first life – some of the solar fabrics and the one that detects pollutants are along those lines.

These are really easy to find, if you know the designer’s name or the name of their store. But there are always new folks coming into SL, and they are bringing their new ideas. How do you find them? Marketplace.

I try finding new stuff using keywords. This means I’m relying on folks to know how to use em, and not to scattershot with em. My balloon hats are under the “avatar accessories > hats, gloves and scarves” category, but I don’t call them couture. Or water balloons. Or sculpture. That doesn’t help you find them.

So, I was shopping for a female alt, and tried “vintage mesh” in the keyword field.

Pro-tip #1: narrow the category to whatever type of thing you’re searching for first, then type in your keyword(s) and press go. You’ll be able to further home in on what it is you seek. Usually.

Pro-tip #2: when searching on “vintage”, understand that it applies to anything from at least 15 years ago. Yep, you are that old already. Sorry.

Well, I can honestly say that there isn’t much. Oh, sure, that Nirvana band shirt is nice, but I’m looking for old *styled* clothing. I found more vintage-ish fabric patterns than styles. I was targeting the Bay City era (1940-65), as that what this particular alt is for. I found a number of flapper dresses, and plenty of late sixties to eighties (and nineties), but the “1950’s” style dress that was cut well above the knee was not going to do.

Thankfully, with a bit of patience and perseverance, I did discover a couple outfits that would work for Bay City fashion. And I found newer designers! Yay!

inspired by Lauren Bacall

[LeeZu!] Viola Vintage Blouse /white (this is actually sculpted, but very nice for that),

**CuCu! Ruffle Skirt #whitE CindY! Mesh,

**DECO – MESH Sequined Heels (onyx)**,

Glitter Clutch Bag – Nocturne,

[monso] My Hair – Daisy/ Black Brown (though I need a 40’s style I think),

TuTy’s XIAO Bundle Loto Skin + Appliers (I use just the natural skin and their eyebrow shaper)

Isn’t she lovely? 😀

(Okay, so that isn’t in the Bay City era either.)