Oh hai!

I’ve been wanting to write about building for a bit, and well, I’ve got a big buildy project coming up next month. How handy! 😀

I spend quite a bit of time inside my head, working out how components are going to fit together and what details I want other folks to discover about the build. It’s a lengthy process, and requires that my memory be functioning well. (My first life avatar will one day need to start writing some of this part down, but I think I have a lil while yet before that’s necessary.)

The big project? Well, I’ve been tapped for the Man Team at Burn2 again this year. The Burning Man festival in first life and Second Life are both run by a volunteer force. Both are seeking volunteers at this moment – here and here. It’s a very rewarding experience, volunteering. And if you are working with an awesome team… it can be the best thing you ever do!

tell me a story!

I have been volunteering with Burn2/Burning Life for quite a while. I first participated in this fun festival of art and fire when I was still a newbie builder. I got an art camp plot back in 2009 and built a sand castle on the virtualPlaya.

castles in the sand

I think I used my entire prim allotment for that. :-O It had three stories, sand that sifted onto your head when you entered, wind and light, and you could see a lot of the other art builds nearby. I’ve done other art builds as well – the most recent was the Bell Tree in 2012. I enjoy working with sounds and light in my works, and part of the inspiration for these art builds is that avatars must walk around, into, and onto them to experience them fully. Camming around isn’t going to be enough, I’m afraid. 😛

I’ve also had a great time working with Mari on Inner Child Camp over the years.

the first Children's Blurtophone Band was named Fred

She made contact with Kidsville at the first life Burn, and got permission to create the SL kid version.

fidgetty kids

We even have a mini Man burn on the Friday during festival week!

save the Mini Man for prizes!!


One year, I was asked to lead the Temple Team. We had three short weeks to make the soul of Burn. None of us had worked together before, and somehow we managed to make a great thing of beauty. Part of being on one of the big infrastructure teams for Burn is, well, burning the thing down. Laying out realistic timing is key to providing a good Burn.

center, up, and out

The same is done with the Man.

What is the “Man”? Why is it capitalised?

The Man is the literal and figurative (see what I did there?) centerpiece of the festival. He is also the heart of the Burn. He is visible from everywhere on the Playa, and represents the theme. This year’s first life Man is a giant figure without a base below him. He’s on our level, participating with us directly on the Playa. (The Burn should be very good for that reason!)

For the last few Burn2 celebrations, we’ve rebuilt the first life Man. Burn2 has been made a regional Burn event by the Burning Man organization, and this re-creation of the icon keeps that link alive. I’ve been following the progress on the Burning Blog and a couple of Instagrammers’ pages. I think the Man Team will have a great time putting this together.

I’m having fun processing the size of the project, and figuring out how exactly to translate it to our world. I’m looking forward to laying down prims and mesh with the Man Team in September and October, and watching the rest of the virtualPlaya grow around our camp.

Burn on!