Playgoers, I bid you welcome. The Theatre is a temple, and we are here to worship
the gods of comedy and tragedy. Tonight, I am pleased to announce a comedy. We shall
employ every device we know in our desire to divert you.” (I love this play!)

tell me a story!

So, I wasn’t going to camp for the summer session. I had a hard enough time deciding to attend the winter session before it. My avatar was still a twelve-year-old, but one that was slipping away from the joyous innocence of childhood.

My sister Mari was not terribly thrilled with this – part of her camp experiences include her brother, me. My cabin mates from past camps were not thrilled either – I’m known to be somewhat stable and rational when there’s drama about. And well, they like me. The camp directors and counselors were going to miss seeing my wings and halo running about with everyone else. I wasn’t going to be where I was expected to be.

I saw all of this chatter on my social streams, and thought: how can I make it up to these folks?

At camp, there is a family visiting day. Campers, especially some of the first timers, get really homesick. Camp Hardknock is a week-long sleepaway camp. You are expected to be on the camp regions at all times that your camp-registered avatar is online during that week. It sounds a little restrictive, doesn’t it? Well, it’s an RP community. It’s just one that only lasts for one week, as opposed to being an area like 1920’s Berlin or the Wastelands. And it does function better when you do role-play at camp. The counselors are adult guidance, and the kids can be wild, rambunctious, shy, needy, affectionate, super-popular, loners, candy-stealers, candy-sharers, vegans, paste-eaters, and anything else we can come up with! (I’m sure that we are a handful, but since many of the counselors have child alts or mains, they can handle all of us just fine.)

I decided to have an RP adventure of my own. The way we arrive at camp is fraught with danger and sillyness. Planes, trains, boats above and below water, a balloon ride, and a gondola are some of the travel methods arranged to send the hundred-plus avies to the magical land of Camp. And Something always happens. Either someone does not know how to run the vehicle (these are usually piloted by the camp directors, they can’t know everything!), or in the memorable case of one ill-fated flight, Mister Noob (the Art Laxness sculpted guy) pushed a button, and we just stopped midair and couldn’t get started again. It was pure coincidence that we were suspended midair over the camp.

No, really. Coincidence. 😉

Recently, camp directors have been using attachments that can teleport you, a.k.a. the camp HUD. This allows them to hide the camp regions from map spies (like my sister Mari) and makes the camp sleepaway experience that much more immersive. You don’t know where you’ll end up! The HUD is included in the camp package you receive when you register, along with a backpack for your belongings (if you don’t happen to have a suitcase in your inventory). The backpack has a few basic camp RP items in it, like a flashlight, water bottle, and a signout sheet if you do need to leave the camp for a short while.

I came up with this idea that I would hear about whatever disastrous travel thing and go looking for the lost campers. Since camp is usually on remote island regions, I would need to fly there. I did let the camp directors know to keep an eye on my profile feed, and that I would repost my travels on Plurk as well. I made a couple of RP items for myself as well – including a map showing the “last known location” of the campers.

The first day of camp arrived. My first life avie had to work during the travel time, so I set my SL avie up at work as well. When I was able to get online that evening, I started the main part of my RP story.

01 radio news


The second day of camp, I started from the Sansara continent, where my home (and one of my stores) is. I have permission from Mari to map her location, so I found the camp regions that way, and grabbed a screenshot of the SL map to use on my object, for RP. Then I studied the map, looking for likely spots along the way to stop and photoblog my journey. I did find a couple of interesting places, but there was something happening at camp…

Since I was reposting on Plurk, many of the campers were seeing what I was doing, including the directors and counselors. One of the directors came up with the idea of rescuing me. Mari passed the idea my way via IM while I was recovering from that last pic. 🙂 I agreed, because it would allow me to participate in some fun with people who really know how to have it!

My story changed a bit. My plane was down, and I was lostsomewhere. A few of the campers were gathered together, and Mari got to use her rescue copter. And well, I got to go to camp as a guest!

Yeah, the boys’ cabin color was pink this time. And we totally rocked it too.

Here’s a link to my SnapZilla album for the Summer 2014 session of Camp Hardknock. You can find all of my previous camp albums on my SnapZ page too. And here’s a link to the camp videos, one by the directors, and one by a camper.

I’m very glad I ended up going after all. It was fun times, and I enjoyed seeing old friends, and meeting new ones.