Thanks and see you all next year!

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Today is the last day for public viewing for the SL11B regions before the sims go offline next week. The breakdown of the sims will start from Sunday 6th July 2014 until mid next week. I decided to take one last trip to the sims this morning to take some snapshots of some interesting SL11B exhibits for the final time. See my SL11B blog coverage here and my SL11B snapshots.

For those that are interested in staying updated on future Second Life birthdays, join the new group called SLB Community Celebration. This group will be the new place for all SLB info and announcements. SL11B was a huge success from start to end with good coverage this year. The SL12B countdown has now started and planning for that will start in early 2015.

Remaining SL11B Timeline

  • SL11B sims remain open until 6pm SLT today on Saturday 5th July 2014

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