I first saw our world over the shoulder of a friend. I was amazed that such a place existed at the same time as Facebook and EVE online. The best part to me was the total freedom of making our world

Your avatar could be anything imaginable, and you could build your environment entirely. Even shape the land!

It astonished me. I wanted in!

When I signed up, I had already designed my avatar in my head. My friend helped me find some wings and taught me how to rez a prim, and then manipulate and texture it. I made a torus, and dropped the Blue Plasma library texture onto it. I still wear that halo even now.

The rest of my avie hasn’t changed much since then. I’ve gotten better at moving the sliders around to get the body shape I wanted. Also, I’ve changed my shape to reflect some growth and aging. I was an eight-year-old to start with. Now I am forever-twelve.

Pygar Bu noob and 2013

Back to that first prim. I was shaking so badly when I selected Build from the old pie menu. It was an enormous step – bigger than choosing my name. I am glad I took it, as it’s the main reason I log in.

(Even with mesh, I build inworld as much as possible. I don’t want to be away from home for long and Blender is not quick!)

I’ve built so much more than just objects and environments. I talk with people from around the first life world. It’s fun wandering into a region, and finding familiar names on my radar.

today headerI’ve been part of our world for eight years. It sure doesn’t seem like it, even with four sunrises a day! 😀

Thank you for being here with me!