11B Aud Proposal_005 copy

I built a full-sized maquette of the Auditorium I had in mind. I’d like to thank the other folks who use Sandbox Amoena for allowing me to drop prims on their heads, accidentally trap them under sculpties and generally take up a heckuva lot of space for a while. 😀

It turned out pretty nicely I think.

11B Auditorium_001 11B Auditorium_002 11B Auditorium_003 11B Auditorium_004 11B Auditorium_005 11B Auditorium_006 11B Auditorium_007 11B Auditorium_008 11B Auditorium_009 11B Auditorium_010 11B Auditorium_011 11B Auditorium_012 11B Auditorium_013


The above photos were taken pre-opening. I hadn’t even figured out the chat relays yet. 😛