tell me a story!

My little sister Mari did the kid avatar community builds for the annual SL Birthday celebration, when it was still an official, inworld Linden Lab event. As we residents do with the Community Celebration, there was an application/approval process to get your stuff represented in the event.

She had a very successful exhibit for the 3rd birthday, cobuilt for the 4th birthday with Loki, and was looking forward to putting together an exhibit for SL5B. Well, stuff happened (it’d be in the “5” section of that post ;-). ).

It was a rough year for SL – there was some heavy spin put on what exactly people did in this world of ours, just before SL4B. The reporting focused on one thing and colored it as “Everyone Is ‘Doing It'”. Including child avatars. And around SL5B, the Lab tried to hide the kid community – somehow.

So, now I’ve got an upset sister, and the rest of the kid community wondering: “what’s going to happen to us?”

And instead of waiting for Linden Lab to make the decision for us, we went ahead and established our own celebration of our world. And we called it Kids5B.

It was entirely built by kid avatars, from the oldest accounts to the newest. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that an avatar named Loki Eliot was deeply involved in the creation and development of the event space. It should also come as little surprise that a second full region was donated by a supporter and ally.

I was still fairly new to building on my own. My first couple years were spent attending as many building classes as I could. Mari suggested to Loki that I build the roads between exhibits. So he contacted me, and I agreed.

(This was at a time when I had a computer that couldn’t really handle our graphics-intensive world. EVERYTHING was gray blobs. The avatars were mostly recognizable by their floating nametags and that they were moving. The only time I’ve had worse vision was when we first got sculpties. Yes, those have always been slow to rez. 😛 )

I still have the base road pieces I made. 😀

sunshiney dayyyy!

This year marks the third year that residents have hosted parties to celebrate our world’s birth onto the Grid. I have gotten to create infrastructure builds for these events, partly due to my work in another event (Burning Life, now called Burn 2.0) and my own kid community exhibit builds with Mari.

I have gotten to know, and work with some of the best people in SL. Folks who have a great appreciation for all the fun things we get up to in our world. I’m talking not just about the Community Celebration staff, but the Exhibitors.

It’s fun for me to help create a common space for folks to show off what it is they do in our world. It is a challenge to find a common ground – one that is immediately accessible to people from all over the planet. I believe that I am largely successful in helping provide this.

Now, why am I calling this year’s celebration “Kids11B”?

Well, Loki and Mari and I are all rather involved this year. Loki built the centerpiece of the event – the Cake Stage. I built the Auditorium, which is a multiuse area for mostly spoken pieces: lectures, theatre, interviews. (I also took over some of the roadwork duties when KT Syakumi left the staff.) And Mari? She’s one of the event leads, and continues to have a good relationship with Linden Lab.

So, yeah. Kids11B.