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Every time the Lab decides to change the new user experience, I make a new account, or alt. I have a few of them now, as much has changed for avatars in Our World since 2006. Only a couple of them are known to more than myself, as I really prefer to use my main account for all that I do.

Well, Strawberry Singh started making a series of introduction videos for Our World, and well, … I guess I should make another alt …😀


Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 7.09.04 AM

Anyway. It’s a pretty exciting time to be new to Our World. There are so many great tools available for anyone to create The Best New User Experience, and there will be a few more Resident-created ones cropping up in the next few months to supplement the Lab’s newbie spaces.

Helping newbies learn Our World is a challenge, but I think it can be very fun as well. After all, you were likely wandering around at some point asking things like “how do I level up?” and “will you be my friend?”

friend offer_001
heh, okay, newbie – just this once *click*

I hope there was someone nearby who was able to speed your integration by answering those, or directing you to a space with the answers.🙂

My early experiences were partly directed by two first life friends, and a passel of others who hung around popular sites – in my case, this was the Neo-Realms fishing area at Alston – and directed me to other popular places once they found out what I was interested in. I’m from the tail end of the communitybuilding-in-sandboxes era of Our World, and I still come across some of those early contacts. It’s good to see them!

Every day (we have six day cycles every first-life day!!) is a new beginning for someone around you. Show kindness, compassion and if they really need help, help them find it if you can.

P.S. Not sure how often I’ll be dragging poor SalT out, but feel free to post on his profile.😉

Autumn in the garden

Nights are getting longer again, and the weather is slowly cooling. At my garden space, the nights have been cold enough to convince the trees to change.

fall in Varney 1

This in turn has prompted me to do some changing myself. I’ve uprooted the dying summer flowers, and stored the pond lilies in case the pond ices up. I think the frog has already found a warmer spot too, but I’m not sure where.

fall in Varney 2fall in Varney 3

Since it’s cooler, I can do a little more indoor gardening. A friend gave me a nice bonsai for the office space I have here. It’s very beautiful, and suits the room well. The fall afternoon light makes the needles glint too!

fall in Varney 4

And it’s dark and quiet again, so soon.

De-constructing and re-constructing

The Man Base is currently being built on the first-life Playa, and Mari and I have been scouring Instagram and Twitter and the blog for any hints and clues as to how it’s put together (and how big it is too!).

There is precious little right now. We will likely need to wait until Black Rock City is inhabited before we have a very clear idea of scale and construction, but there has been a small amount of visual info from the first life Man Team. So our deconstruction of what they’ve accomplished so far and reconstruction in Our World begins.😀

Man Base_001

oh em gee The Man burns in

Art is part of the word participation.

Hi all! Mari and I are going to be starting on Burn2 projects.

We’ve started researching the various art projects and thematic things that will be appearing in Black Rock City, Nevada, very soon. Our hope is to bring a bit of the first life Playa to Our World for the Grid to experience.

The Burning Man theme this year is “Da Vinci’s Workshop”. This can be interpreted in soooo many ways! I’ve seen mostly maker-community inspired things, but there have been a few other interpretations as well.

Mari is hoping to host Inner Child Camp, based on Kidsville, the Black Rock Kids‘ theme camp in first life. We have entered the Plottery, and applied for a Theme Camp on the Burn2 website. We’ll keep you posted on how that plays out.

We are also co-leading the Man Team. I have my old blueprints from the giant Man we built a couple years ago, so the big and fun part will be the Man Base. It’s called the Turning Man, and is designed to be a huge and interactive Vitruvian Man.

More on that later, though, we’ve gotta figure out how to make it work in SL!

Lollygagger Lane featured in Mainland Matters

This is one of the early discoveries I made in my wanderings on the Grid.

paramparamm Papp was participating in the Show-And-Tell hosted by Barney Boomslang at the long-gone Lummerland. The hedgehog brought along a friend once or twice: Raskolnikow Roffo, and their sharings were always fun, interactive or just compelling. I followed their profile picks to Lollygagger Lane, where I found some fun and freebies. I am glad that it has not only remained on the Grid, but also expanded. When I first visited, it was just a lane off one of the roadways!

SL is all about fun!

Our World is full of creative, funny and clever people who like to share their experiences. Many also enjoy creating things for anyone to have fun with.

The exhibits at SL13B this year are full of fun surprises. With experience tools coming into wider use, we can take others along for a ride, have them solve puzzles, or tour an area. Click ALL the THINGS!

SL13B scavenger FUN 01SL13B scavenger FUN 02SL13B scavenger FUN 03SL13B scavenger FUN 04SL13B scavenger FUN 05SL13B scavenger FUN 06

So. Go have some fun! Take a friend..

It takes a lot to plan a party this big.

Meet the folks responsible for organising and running the biggest celebration of Our World on the Grid.

All of the folks you meet on the staff are volunteers, including the stage builders. Many hours, days, weeks and months are spent making sure that everyone can have a great time exploring, meeting, dancing, listening, experiencing and enjoying the diverse community of Residents and Lindens.

Can you tell from these images which infrastructure build is which?

Deeper and deeper…

We are always surrounded by the Void Sea in Our World. This has led to a certain fascination with water, and what might be found there.

SL13B scavenger water 01SL13B scavenger water 02SL13B scavenger water 03SL13B scavenger water 04SL13B scavenger water 05SL13B scavenger water 06


SL13B: the Shared Adventure

Exploration is one of the common themes in the exhibits this year. And one of the best ways to explore Our World is via hot air balloon. It is such a nice and leisurely way to travel…everything gets plenty of time to resolve onscreen…😉

Hope you are having fun exploring the event! With nearly 200 exhibits and art parcels to discover, it will take the whole week to find it all. Join the SLB Community Celebration group to keep up with the ongoing events!

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